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Recipe By: Chef Gary
Servings: 4 for main course
Preparation Time: 1 hour
Special Equipment: stock pot, strainer
Wine Suggestion: This is a spicy dish and requires either a Rosé Champagne or a spicey Syrah or Shiraz (Australian). "Jacobs Creek Shiraz" is a good match. You can also pair this with a good Spanish Rioja that isn't overly oaked.
Amount Measure Ingredient Preparation Method
24 each Langoustines remove heads, peel, and devein
½ each Sweet Onion diced
½ each Carrot diced
12 each Black Peppercorns
1 tsp Fennel Seed
1 cup White Wine
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1 each Head of Garlic separated and peeled
1 ½ each Orange juiced and zested
2 Tablespoons Red Pepper Flakes
2 Tablespoons Butter
1 cup Olive Oil about - check when making
2 Tablespoons Cilantro finely chopped

Make the Langoustines:

Remove heads from langoustines. Peel and devein. Save heads and shells – discard veins. Season langoustines with salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 1 tablespoon of red pepper – place in refrigerator to cool.


Prepare the Sauce:

Heat saucepan with 1 tablespoons of olive oil. Add onions and carrots. Cook for about 2 minutes to soften. Add langoustine heads and shells. Cook until shells turn red – about 3 minutes. Add white wine and cook until mostly evaporated. Add peppercorns, fennel, and enough water to barely cover. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 45 minutes. Strain and reduce stock by 1/3. Reserve.


Peel garlic and place into a Robot Coupe. Add zest of one orange, and juice of orange. Add about 1 ½ teaspoon of salt, and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Add olive oil to cover. Puree until well-chopped – not pure puree, but not rough. Pour into a sauté pan, add 1 teaspoon of red pepper, and simmer on low until cooked – about 10 minutes. Add strained stock – 1 to 2 cups or until it is sauce-like, but not too thin. Add butter.


Finish and Plate:

Sear langoustines over high heat on both sides for about 30 seconds. Add sauce and lower heat to simmer. Add cilantro, stir, and simmer until barely done.


Serve with olive oil poached potatoes – two langoustines each for appetizer, or 4 for entrée.


The langoustines keeps for up to 3 days in the refrigerator.



Langoustines are very large shell-fish that look like large shrimp or small lobsters. They look elegant when presented with the heads on.