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Agile, Six Sigma, Scrum, etc., fail unless...


"A Business Analyst, one who facilitates requirements elicitation, is significantly more successful if he or she is able to guide the group through a facilitation process to accomplish their task than one who uses individual interviews.  It has been proven that requirements elicitation can be done in ¼th the amount of time – that’s a 4-to-1 improvement in productivity that comes with an even greater increase in quality and develops a collaborative relationship between the client and BA that helps ensure the success of the project." See Business Analysis Skills


Methods, such as Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, Scrum, and others, rely on harvesting the collective knowledge and wisdom of an organization while driving innovation and new thinking.  These methods also require the practitioner to follow rigorous approaches to ensure quality outcomes. The drawbacks:

  • The wrong people participate.

  • Practitioners don't prepare properly.

  • Practitioners use the wrong or inappropriate tools.

  • Problems are poorly defined and scoped so practitioners solve the wrong problems.

  • Groups are not able to reach consensus.


How do you harvest the knowledge of the organization and avoid the drawbacks?  Through effective structured facilitation.  That's where FoCuSeD™ Business Analyst comes in.  Let me show you "how to" harvest the collective knowledge and wisdom of an organization, drive innovation, and avoid the drawbacks. gary rush facilitation