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An Executive Advisory Board is a private purpose-built group(s) whose members are Business Owners, Presidents, and CEOs of qualified non-competing industries who meet on a periodic basis to provide insight and advice to each other based on their experiences and work together to find synergies to take their businesses to the next level.


Executive advisory board members periodically meet in a closed-door confidential session where they learn, discuss pressing issues, opportunities, and solve difficult challenges. In addition, each executive advisory board member receives one-on-one coaching to help achieve his or her professional goals.



A recent D & B report shows that companies, who are members, experience, on average, a 3x faster growth rate than other businesses in their industries even in these challenging economic times.


As an Executive Advisory Board Chair

I strive to improve the lives of those I work with, those I teach, coach, and those I facilitate. An Executive Advisory Board provides me the opportunity to fulfill my company’s mission of facilitating innovation, collaboration, growth, and success in business leaders enabling a positive change in their lives. I learned “how to” lead at the U.S. Naval Academy and I’ve worked with CEOs and executives from small businesses to the largest in the world from a broad range of industries.


Gary Rush Facilitation Training

Gary Rush, IAF CPF - Executive Advisory Board Chair

I'm Gary Rush, CEO of MGR Consulting and an Executive Advisory Board Chair. I've been a Facilitator and independent consultant for over 30 years. My passion is helping people grow as leaders in business and in life. I know that most CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners often find it difficult to get away for Professional Development so I wanted to touch on this to tell you the advantages you will gain by becoming part of my Executive Advisory Board.