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How Significant is the Value of Facilitation?

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) initiated an award program to honor excellence in facilitation to demonstrate its positive tangible impact on organizations around the world... For instance: Gary Rush, IAF CPF trained Facilitators at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who saved the agency over $500,000 in one year by using facilitation to engage employees and resolve unit and departmental issues... Read more...

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Gary Rush, IAF CPF - "Facilitation vs Facilitator"

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"To provide group facilitation skills at the personal, organizational, and societal levels making a positive impact around the world."

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"We provide practical tools and structured thought processes with the needed people and process skills, content, materials, and experience through the highest quality facilitation skills training, meeting facilitation, coaching, and consulting."

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"When people more effectively learn 'how to' use group facilitation skills to engage, empower, and collaborate, the more able society will be at solving any problem of the 21st Century, making the world a better place."


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