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Gary Rush Facilitation Training


Gary Rush, IAF CPF has been coaching individuals since 1985, helping them grow their skills, improve their performance, and achieve their professional goals.logo

FoCuSeD facilitation"We provide coaching based on the individual's needs, experience and professional goals."


  • A Facilitator who is looking to broaden his or her skills.

  • A Leader or Executive who is looking to develop collaborative skills.

  • A Planner who is looking to implement effective Strategic Planning.

  • A Business Analyst who is looking to incorporate facilitation skills into requirements elicitation.

  • A Project Manager who is looking to develop a collaborative team.

  • Anyone looking to design and implement 360° feedback.


FoCuSeD facilitation"Let Gary design a custom coaching solution that will enable you to grow your skills."

"Brought in Gary to improve team's offsite planning and strategy meetings. He worked with multiple people on the team in structure, objective, facilitation and, most importantly, on getting results. Gary has great ideas and methods to facilitate a meeting or exercise to get to the core of the issue and generate solutions. I do not usually give Gary much time to prepare the team. He has pulled through every time; easily accessible, very efficient and effective is why I keep calling Gary back."

Ming, Principal - Client